Ostarine is also known as MK-2866. Ostarine is particularly popular with body builders who intend to gain lean muscle mass while losing body fat. It provides a similar feeling to anabolic steroids without the negative affects including high blood pressure and Gyno. As the performance of this SARM is heavily anabolic, it does not settle in the body as estrogen. Instead it targets androgen receptors with the intention of providing long lasting results.

Benefits of Ostarine :

  • Improves lean muscle mass and physical performance
  • Increases bone strength & tendon ability
  • Builds muscle tissue
  • Reduces fat and increases stamina
  • Provides longterm resultsPromotes testosterone activity in the bone, muscle, & brain.
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery speeds.

For those that are concerned about the side affects of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancers , Ostarine is the perfect product to start with. This product will allow you to achieve your fitness goals without negative and irreversible setbacks.

Ostarine Half-Life

  • Ostarine carries a half life of 23.8 hours
  • Biggest peak of blood plasma serum levels can be reached by taking Ostarine once per day.

How to use Ostarine?

For Bulking :

25mg over 4-6 weeks
25mg will result in 6lb’s of longterm gains

For Cutting :

12.5-15mg over 4-6 weeks.
12.5mg will result in preserved muscle gains & a decrease in calories.

Side Affects

Although Ostarine is one of the safest SARMS to take, it is possible for there to be side affects if it is used more than the recommended dose(once per day). In such cases, our consultants can help you determine an appropriate post-cycle solution.